This project was carried out with the installation of the Kobert-in FR wall covering. Both standard design and custom design were used for the Bofill Clinic. This medical clinic needed to renew their interiors and with this product they achieve the performance required in this type of sanitary space.

Kobert-in is a composite wallcovering with two external aluminum faces, one of them printed with designs that range from marble, micro-cement, wood, textiles, or can even be customized. In addition the material is water-repellent and fire-retardant Bs1d0 , antibacterial and conductive, ideal for the health sector.

At the Bofill Clinic they wanted to renovate their interiors with the minimum sound impact and waste, and Kobert-In fulfills these requirements when installing it. At the same time they were interested in our standard designs, but also a personalized models.

With the Kobert-in they have achieved their purpose and have been very satisfied with it, building part of the center, now they are projecting other areas.