Find out how the Noël & Marquet ceiling mouldings helped make an 18th century Belgian château sublime.

Château de Miysis is situated at Voroux-Lez-Liers, in the province of Liège, Belgium. It was built in the 18th century and is a splendid structure, featuring two wings and two annexes.
It was in 2014 that Miysis took the “slightly mad gamble” of purchasing this superb property in the hope that the business would continue to grow along the same lines.
Having made the acquisition, Miysis decided to refurbish the building and bring it up to date. As part of this plan, they wanted the products used to reflect the glory of the château. And the Noël & Marquet ceiling mouldings have contributed greatly to bringing the contemporary touch to the building that was so sadly lacking.

Miysis is a Belgian company created in 2007 by two young and daring associates. Over the past decade, the business has specialised in the creation of 3D visualisation graphics for the sectors of architecture, design and industry. From photo-realistic images to innovative interactive applications and animations, Miysis excels at creating top-of-the-range 3D content.
Following the purchase of the château, the 7-strong team at the time was able to continue its healthy development. Currently, Miysis consists of a team of 25 graphic designers, specialists and programmers all positively bursting with motivation as they all create content.

The challenge of the latest renovation programme, undertaken in 2020, was to install indirect lighting without disrupting the aesthetics of the château. The perfect solution was found in WT3 WALLSTYL® ceiling mouldings, a product that blends the useful with the pleasant. The clever thing is that these mouldings have been designed first and foremost to provide the indirect lighting required. But at the same time, they also fulfil the function of concealing inelegant finishes while creating a graceful transition between the walls and the ceiling.
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Of course, a graphic design business means using computers. And where there are computers, there are also lots of cables that would be better if they could be hidden. Fitting the bill in terms of their shape and size, in this particular instance the WT3 ceiling mouldings do a wonderful job of concealing the cabling in a very unfussy way, while also providing indirect light. Result! Because these mouldings highlight the ceiling and its original plaster ornamental decorations.
These modern mouldings help create a warm atmosphere in the corridors of the château, providing a harmonious association between the neo-classicism of the 18th century and the elegant contemporaneity of NOËL & MARQUET products.
But the works have encompassed more than just installing these mouldings. Between the freshly painted walls, dazzling new furnishings and the brilliant light fittings of a thousand lights, there can be no doubt that Château de Miysis is an astonishing achievement.


Design: Verdin peinture
Photographer: Julien Stevens
Date: 2020
Location: Juprelle (Bélgica)