At the beginning of the year, it is time to think about the trends for the year that has just begun and to set resolutions for the coming months. The company Duscholux, a pioneer in the manufacture of shower and bath screens, has compiled a collection of the decoration trends that will mark the design of bathroom elements: both shapes and natural colours will be the protagonists. 

Grey tones will take precedence over black, as has been the case for some years now. In addition, white, off-white or beige tones are also included in the trend, creating contrasts by combining them. Colour will be introduced through pastel tones with a low percentage of grey, such as pale pink, or with blues, which are regaining prominence. 

To create contrasting spaces, different shades of colour, such as white, can also be combined with a careful dosage of other colours. In addition, the introduction of gold takes on special importance in decoration to create spaces of elegance and luxury. The use of this colour is preferably aged with patina without being shiny, with a clear and polished finish. 

Both the shapes and the finishes have to match the colours and it is recommended, mainly, that they are natural. For bathroom elements, priority is given to natural shapes and elements such as untreated wood or stone. An example of this is the PanELLE wall tiles by Duscholux, made from natural stone and fair-faced concrete, which retain their organic shape and texture.