One of the changes that Covid-19 has brought about is related to the care of spaces open to the public. More than a new trend, it is the ‘new reality’ that promotes essential adaptations to our lifestyle. As we reinvent spaces, scientific solutions integrate with technology to offer greater safety and well-being for all users.

This transformation has led companies to implement smart solutions beyond general precautions to prevent COVID-19. Thanks to the UV led air purification technology, WEcontract offers a safer space that allows confidence to be restored and invites professionals to discover integrated solutions, designed for different market segments in a wide exhibition of products. Within the wide variety of integrated solutions that can be found in this place, TERSUS is the proposal for a led panel with air purification technology from the LUXES brand that has been implemented.

Most of the viruses and bacteria that cause indoor air pollution are tiny and mobile, making them extremely difficult to capture and filter. With the use of optoelectronic polymer plasma coating technology associated with an exclusive NTDA Adhesion Diffuser, the diffuser is enhanced to a “medical grade cleaning zone”. The air circulation system specially designed for this purpose, allows the effective absorption of the flow of viruses and bacteria in the air of the "area to be treated" to guarantee the effectiveness of active decomposition. Whether the lights are off or on, the indoor air continues to be purified, allowing you to always breathe healthy air.

TERSUS guarantees the automatic decomposition of 99% of bacteria, viruses, formaldehyde and TVOC of particles in the air. To learn more about TERSUS, LUXES and all the brands that are part of the showroom, arranged visits are made in a space that is as inspiring as it is safe. The proposal of this project is to be a useful tool for professionals, for the latter to happen, trust and security plays an essential role in preparing for the return to face-to-face activity.